Creating event participants


  • Recruiting - interacting with a recruiter that calls you via the UI
  • Portal - interacting via RedJade's consumer portal
  • File Import - importing them via an excel file
  • External Recruiting - send us finalized participants for a particular event
  • External Recruiting with RedJade Screeners - by wrapping our recruiting campaign programatically, you can use our screeners and have complete control!

External Recruiting

V1::ParticipantImportsController#create for more information

External Recruiting with RedJade Screeners

This requires your oauth application to be granted the "Portal Administrator" role, please contact your company administrator to enable it

Have a recruiting manager go through the recruiting campaign wizard in RedJade, including creating quotas (optional), a screener, and any filters they need.

The subjects for a campaign will then be available to you at V1::SubjectsController#search by providing a recruiting_campaign_id and a slice (for example scheduled, qualified).

Then, to direct subjects to participate in a given campaign, you can then POST to V1::SubjectInteractionsController#subject_screen. The subject interaction returned to you provides a portal_url and the identity for tracking that one interaction with a subject and will ultimately have an outcome. Subsequent interactions between a subject and a particular campaign can be initiated later and tracked separately. The latest interaction with any outcome is automatically the final outcome for any given campaign.

The "Portal Administrator" role grants the following permissions: