Class: ParticipantImportAction

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Represents the command (and subsequent job) to act on a pre-parsed participant import.

  • [Integer] id - can be used to track the status of an import action job
  • [Integer] participant_import_id, null: false
  • [DateTime] created_at, null: false - the moment we received your command
  • [DateTime] updated_at, null: false - the last moment the action was updated, i.e. when we set the status/success count.
  • [Integer] success_count, default: 0, null: false - the number of participants we have successfully imported
  • [Integer] status, default: 0, null: false
    • pending (not worked)
    • started (we have begun processing your data)
    • completed (success!)
    • failed (something went wrong)
  • [String] created_by_type, null: false
  • [Integer] created_by_id, null: false
  • [Boolean] save_missing_categories, default: true, null: false
  • [Boolean] only_demographics, default: false, null: false
  • [Boolean] destroy_existing_demographics, default: false, null: false
  • [Boolean] destroy_unmatched_participants, default: false, null: false
  • [Boolean] skip_invalid, default: false, null: false
  • [Boolean] skip_duplicate_identity_matches, default: false, null: false
  • [Integer] attempt_count, default: 0, null: false

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