Getting Started with RedJade API

After registering your 3rd party application with RedJade you will be provided with a client_id and client_secret in the following format.

client_id: qm8c24a36ygj88azbwhr client_secret: wbfbqaguuefg5g2jdn72qsrng4yxwsm6jbk8k5fk

Your integration will need to provide these credentials to log-in and obtain an access_token. This access token will be valid for 1 hour.

Create Bearer Token


curl --request POST \
      "response": {
          "access_token": "bd384509c7e2aff770e83229f741c710be7db446c207ac89",
          "token_type": "Bearer"

Assign Bash Variable

bearer_token=`curl --request POST \
  jq -r '.response.access_token'
echo 'Successfully retrieved bearer token from RedJade'
echo $bearer_token